Super-Pufft Snacks Corp.

Featuring the largest tunnel fryer in North America, Super-Pufft Snacks Corp. faced a pressing issue, they couldn't start the fryer. The client required expedited design, and regulatory approval to meet a demanding project timeline.


We consider it a privilege when a client entrusts us to not only provide what they need, but help them uncover the solution that best fits their situation. Working fast, and thinking outside the box, we provided a solution which integrated with the client's existing design, so that it was delivered without disruption to their operations. In our experience, the success of this project, and projects like this, are determined by our ability to listen, understand, strategize, and execute.


Aidrie, Alberta

Industrial projects

Industrial projects require more than reliable and effective design solutions, they require a thorough understanding of the processes. We pride ourselves on our ability to research and provide solutions quickly, while ensuring compliance.

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