Teck Place Conversion

Originally constructed as a commercial office tower in 1965, Teck Place will be completely repurposed to provide downtown Calgary with over 100 new rental apartments. This unique project will utilize an existing building to help provide more Calgarians with faster access to homes.


In this pivotal project, our engineering team tackled the intricate task of designing a high-rise residential building, addressing both the typical challenges inherent to such structures and additional complexities imposed by the existing physical limitations of the original structure. Our strategic approach extended beyond conventional design, transforming a space type with an oversupply in the market to one with an undersupply, effectively navigating market dynamics. Embracing sustainability, we prioritized the reuse of the existing structure, minimizing resource consumption and associated energy emissions. Simultaneously, our project focused on elevating energy performance, converting a historically low-performing building to meet and surpass current building code standards. This initiative underscored our commitment to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, aligning with contemporary standards.


Calgary, Alberta

Multi family residential projects

In our approach to multi-family residential projects, we bring a wealth of expertise honed through tackling intricate challenges. Whether addressing the typical complexities associated with such structures or navigating additional hurdles posed by existing physical constraints, our engineering team is adept at crafting innovative solutions. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency is a hallmark of every multi-family residential project, ensuring not just functionality but also sustainability for the communities we serve.

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